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Our Story.

We’re a branding &  creative digital studio in Barcelona and Budapest

We are a multidisciplinary team of digital freelancers. IT geeks, creative designers and marketing experts integrated their skills to gorwth-hack businesses offering versatile digital solutions. Your business vision is the raw material of the artwork we will create together. We value collaborations that work over quick profits. We are dedicated to collaborations that allow us to grow together.
Branding, % 90
Design, % 80
SEO, % 100
Print, % 100
Development, % 55
Marketing, % 85
App, % 60
Sofware, % 25

Discussing Ideas

We start every project in strong collaboration with the Client, exchanging our ideas and adjusting them to the needs of your business.


Web, logo, dissemination material for example molinoes, packages and other materials.


Wether you need a new website or app, or to upgrade the old one, our IT experts will be happy to explore what's best for you.


Search Engine Optimalization is the invaluable tool to reach your desired audince in the most effective way. The background work of our SEO experts is always included in the web developmet activity.


Adjusted to the established marketing strategy of the Client or the strategy established upon discussions with our team: graphic design of your print and other dissemination material, brand building, publication.

Community management

Conceptualising social content, developing strategies for amplification of content, leading social activation to reach your most relevant audience.


Web management and maintenance, updating your websites and/or training your staff for content management.


Free server and domain hosting including with cPanel server administration system and Non Stop server hosting.
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Happy Clients
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Great Ideas

Digital solutions for excellence

Brand management

We help you to define, differentiate and expose the value of your service or product and raise awareness among your customers. Visual design, promotion and communication strategy.

Web Design

Optimized to the modern web users' requirements we create full-responsive sites using systems and languages such as CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, etc.

Graphic Design

Brand, logo, print, package and dissemination materials.


Video edition, marketing material hard copy, portfolio books, etc.


Web, App, DataBase, CMS, CRM, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Software.


Product photography, food, portrait, events, landscapes.

We’re the SciArt Design

Emese Janosi Mozes

Hello People!

I'd love to explore collaboration with you!
Emese Janosi Mozes
Business Developer
Veronica Rodil

¡Hola Todos!

Co-creating your brand with your engaged community
Veronica Rodil
Digital marketing
Ivett Orban

Designing is more then my job

Do you wnat to know why?
Ivett Orban
Julio Bárcena

We Share Dreams

El estilo es aquello que te hace único, relevante y admirado.
Julio Bárcena
Alexandra Csuport

Profession behind the lens

I'm focusing for you!
Alexandra Csuport
Tibor Janosi Mozes

Every project is personal for me

Growth comes from a creative and scientific skillset.
Tibor Janosi Mozes
Growth Hacker
Zsombor Jaksa

Easy and Fast!

Challenging projects wake me up early.
Zsombor Jaksa
Frontend Developer
Rich Nagy

Animate It!

We can give a brilliant multimedia support for you!
Rich Nagy
Animations, VFX, Video
Karoly Szikora

Nice to meet you!

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. Arthur C. Clarke.
Karoly Szikora
Backend Developer
David Perlus

We Develope Your Ideas

We can give an exellent solution for you!
David Perlusz
Fullstack Developer
David Perlus

We Develope Your Ideas

We make the path for growth!
Attila Pacsa
SEO, SEM & Search Marketing
Web design and not only.

We provide a complete list of best digital services

A complete package of web design activities can include a list of related digital services.

Brand building

Creating the unique and unified visual profile of your product or service. Design the visual concept and create the harmony among website, social media profile and other promotional platforms.

Web Design

Create full-responsive sites using systems and languages such as CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, etc. The appearence of your website will be in harmony with the brand image.

Logo Design

The perfect logo is simple and elegant. If you do not have it yet, this will be included in the web design package. The logo will be provided suitable for different use and purposes (ready-to-print, editable, B&W).


Graphical representation of your products and services for dissemination and promotion.


All inclusive server hosting with PHP, SQL, FTP, Webmail services and cPanel system and also Domain Hosting.


Beside the web development, you might need and app or a CRM system.


Product photography, food, portrait, events, landscapes and nature.


Your web will be fully connected with social media platforms and the design elements of your business profile will be created to fit with your web and brand image. Marketing material of any kind will be provided on demand.


Hight Quality multimedia editing. Motion Graphic, 2D & 3D Animations, VFX and Videos.

Community Management

Professional communication in multiple type of community system, Facebbok, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn.


Website maintenance and/or training your staff for content management.

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